Freight Shipping

Full truck loads

A Full Truck Load is a type of shipping mode where usually the entire trailer is loaded with freight, usually on a direct route to a destination with little to no extra handling. These can often be around 25,000-45,000 pounds.

Partial truck loads

A Partial Truck Load is a type of shipping mode where the entire trailer isn’t completely used for a load. These are loads that are essentially too small for Full Truck Loads, but too large for Less Than Truckloads. These loads are frequently around 15,000- 25,000 pounds and about half a trailer length. Often 2 partial loads are combined within a trailer.

Less than truck loads

Less Than Truckloads (LTL)s are even smaller than partial loads, frequently around 5000 pounds, with significantly smaller dimensions. Several of these can be combined in a single trailer. These types of loads require the most strategic planning to ensure efficiency and practicality.